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Alright, that was pretty blatant use, now, the app!

Weirdest nickname you've been called: My "camp name" at Girl Scout camp in Vermont was Chopper...because that was the first cd that someone saw that I had. Dunno why.
Age you are: 15.
Age you act: I'm told I act more mature than 15...I've been mistaken for 17 before, even though I don't think I look it.
Label yourself: Easy one. Band geek. I'm utterly obsessed and hopeless, but I love it anyway. I play 1st alto sax in concert and marching band, in which I'm assitant saxophone seciton leader, and 2nd alto sax in jazz. Go me.
Location: Amherst, New Hampshire, United States.
A place you would like to visit in the US: I've always wanted to go to Chicago...go see the House of Blues, Wrigley Field..all that fun stuff. Mainly the House of Blues, though. :)
A place you would like to visit outside the US: I'm going to Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic with my school's jazz band on a performance tour next April break, and I'm really looking foward to I guess that would be it.
Sexuality: I like boys...
Single or attached: Single. At the moment, anyway.
Religion (if any): Episcolpalian. Took me forever to learn how to say it.

Basically Christian.
Tattoos/piercings: None. Ha.
Three bands/singers you love: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, The Offspring, and Guster.
Three bands/singers you hate: Britney Spears, Norah Jones (I have a good reason, if you ask, I'll tell...), and Justin Timberlake (He's like a tick...he won't go away!)
Number of mp3s on your computer: In the main file, 432. I checked.
Three movies you love: Benny and Joon, Back to the Future, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
Three books you love: Force Majeure, The DaVinci Code, Cat's Cradle.
Worst habit: Talking before thinking. Gets me in a lot of trouble.
Unique talents: Music! Alto sax, tenor sax, and piano. Played very well. ;)
Thoughts on gay marriage: I'm ok with it- if two people love each other, they should be able to get married. The love that the two people have between them is what should matter, not the gender.
Thoughts on abortion: I can see both sides, easily. But, I am pro-choice, so I think that it should be a woman's choice whether they should have the baby or not, especially in cases of rape.
Thoughts on reality tv: I think it's fake. I saw the VH-1 special.
Thoughts on the upcoming election: I can't vote, so I don't have much of an opinion...but my friend who can vote showed me this site and it basically summed up my ideas-

Favorite sport: Soccer.
Favorite color: Blue.
Favorite food: Tie between chinese and mexican food.
Favorite magazine: Ermm...Sporting News.
Favorite tv show: Viva La Bam.
Favorite actor: Christopher Lloyd, Jake Gyllenhal, Johnny Depp
Favorite actress: Sigourney Weaver, Sandra Bullock, and...I dunno.
Favorite alcoholic drink: Ermm...I can't drink, I'm underage...uh..ssshhh!
Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Root beer.
Favorite lip gloss: Ermm..flavor, right? Strawberry Kiwi.
Favorite animal: Horse.
Favorite flower: Carnation, Rose...dunno what else.
Favorite season: Fall. I live in New Hampshire. Lots of foliage.
Favorite clothing store: Old Navy and Target, mainly. And I like the t-shirts they have at Hot Topic.
Favorite pair of shoes: My Addias sandals. I go for comfort.
Favorite quote: These two- Charlie Parker quotes. If you don't know who he is...find out. NOW.

"Music is your own experience, your own thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn. They teach you there's a boundary line to music. But, man, there's no boundary line to art."
~ Charlie Parker ~

"See, like, your ideas change as you grow older. Most people fail to realize that most of the things that they hear, either coming out of a man's horn ad-lib, or else things that are written, you know, say, original things, I mean, they're just experiences. The way you feel, the beauty of the weather, the nice look of a mountain, maybe a nice fresh cool breath of air. I mean, all those things- you can never tell what you'll be thinking tomorrow, but I definately can say that music won't stop. It'll keep going foward."
~ Charlie Parker ~

Post at least three pictures of yourself.

I'm in the blue sweatshirt and hat, holding the cat.

Graduating junior high! Haha...

Horseback riding = AWESOMENESS!


Yeah...that's it. Everybody vote!

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1)glenn miller kicks ass
2)i got to sun valley high school
3)i'm a band geek too
Wooohooo band geeks! And I'm assuming you saw me promote in my journal, so that's how you got here. Thumbs up!

We need more members, so I'm gonna accept you anyway.